Drone technology is quickly advancing and finding its way into different industries. One such place is home inspections, where drones are becoming a more common tool. Drones help home inspectors get a clear view of certain aspects of the property and contribute to a more detailed inspection report. Let’s look at the benefits of drones in home inspections.

Drones Provide a More Thorough Home Inspection

There are many nooks and crannies on the exterior of your house and a drone makes it easier to examine these areas. An inspector who uses a drone is able to observe all exterior features, even those places that are hard to reach.

Drones capture high-resolution images and videos that add insight and detail to the home inspection report. Some parts of the home, like a steeply sloped roof or areas around dormer windows, are difficult to reach or inaccessible. Without a drone, issues may be missed entirely in areas that aren’t visible or safe for the inspector to access.

Drones in Home Inspections are Efficient

A home inspector always has to be cautious, even when inspecting standard roofs without a steep pitch. However, their work is slowed when the roof is hard to access or badly damaged. A drone can view any type of roof and take high-resolution pictures of the area efficiently and accurately. Dangerous or steep slopes are easy to view with an aerial drone. The result is a more efficient inspection process when you hire a home inspector who uses a drone.

Gain a Better View of the Entire Property

A drone provides advantages that go beyond simply inspecting your roof. This is especially true for larger properties. A drone can fly over the area and take quality snapshots and videos of places you’d like to review. Drone videos and aerial images allow you to get a good look at landscaping, outbuildings, placement of trees and shrubs, and the layout of the land.

As you can see, it’s a great idea to hire a home inspector who uses a drone. You’ll receive a more detailed and accurate report with high-resolution images of your roof and the surrounding property.

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