As the temperatures begin to cool and leaves start to change, you begin preparing your home for winter. The end of warm, sunny weather also means it’s time to winterize your pool. Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to prepare your pool for colder weather.

1. Clean the Water When Winterizing Your Pool

Thoroughly clean the pool before covering it. Scoop out any leaves, dirt, and bugs. Scrub the walls with a pool brush.  Use a pool vacuum to remove any debris from the bottom.

2. Check Chemical Levels

Another important step when winterizing your pool is to test the chlorine levels, pH, and alkalinity of your pool. If the water is out of balance, adjust it before covering your pool. It’s important to keep the water in your pool healthy and safe all year long, and winterizing it is no exception.

3. Clean and Remove Filters

Remove pool equipment like filters, skimmer baskets, and ladders. Clean them and store them in a safe place. Harsh weather can damage these items, so it’s important to keep them safe from the elements throughout the winter.

4. Decrease the Water Level to Winterize Your Pool

As you complete the process of winterizing your pool, one of the final steps is to lower the water level. The water in your pool should be roughly 12 inches below the skimmer. Drain the water out of your pool’s pipes so that it won’t freeze and damage the lines.

5. Covering the Pool is the Last Step to Winterize Your Pool

Covering the pool is of the most important steps when winterizing your pool, both to protect it and keep your backyard safe. A quality cover protects your pool from debris and helps keep chemicals balanced throughout the winter. Make sure the pool cover is secured tightly so that it will prevent people and animals from making contact with the water.

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